Over this period of uncertainty with COVID-19, getting VegeClean out to the NZ community as fast as we can is our number one priority!

To do this, our current stock label says "Citrus Fresh" but the formula is Original. There is no difference in the effectiveness of VegeClean. 

VegeClean is a unique formula of POWERFUL ingredients with antibacterial and antiviral action. This helps to cut through nasty germs, surface dirt, wax and pesticide spray.

Powered by H2O2, once your produce has been covered in VegeClean the H2O2 gets to work hammering holes into those nasty germs cell walls! This results in the barrier breaking apart and the germs being killed.

Yes! All of your produce can be washed. We recommend washing your “soft skinned” fruits such as berries and peaches the day of consumption.

Once diluted, VegeClean is made with 1% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which actively works to kill germs. H2O2 is considered an organic compound and is only one oxygen molecule off water! After being rinsed off your produce, the H2O2 simply breaks down into water and oxygen.

On the back of your bottle is a handy table which will let you know the exact water to VegeClean ratio needed.


When you are rinsing your produce after washing it with VegeClean, the H2O2 breaks down into Oxygen and Water. Leaving behind no H2O2 residue!

VegeClean is a powerful produce cleaner with antibacterial and antiviral action which helps to keep your whole family safe. Our family have used it for years and can’t wait for you to experience the benefits for yourself!

Original VegeClean contains the following ingredients: 

- Water

- Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

As per instructions, please rinse your produce throughly after washing in VegeClean.