Our Story

As a close-knit Kiwi family, we want to help your family stay safe from those icky germs on the fruit and vege we eat!

In 2009 we spent a week at a renowned Health Clinic in Colorado, USA. One of the key understandings from this experience was how contaminated the fruit and vegetables are that we eat.

Covered in bacteria, viruses, pesticides and wax (YUCK!) We definitely didn’t want our family to touch or eat these contaminates!

Over the past 11 years, in conjunction with our clever Uncle Peter, who is a registered and practicing Pharmacist, we have created and used our own highly effective produce blend. This formula is actively powered by nature to cut through contaminates, we call it VegeClean.

Given the crazy situation we found ourselves in with COVID-19, we felt the time was right to share our trusted formula. So, from our family to yours, enjoy feeling confident that the produce you are eating is safe and germ free!

With love, from our family to yours